The Refugee Relief Project is an effort to provide resources to vulnerable refugees in Europe and to raise awareness through film. Each dollar the project collects will go directly to individuals, families, and volunteers at camps and squats in Europe.

A refugee will stay in a camp for an average of 5 years, during which time they are completely dependent on governments and NGOs to support them. Many countries have policies against refugees working, so even though they want to provide a better life for themselves and their families, they can't. Most of these people are kind and have an incredible amount of agency, but they are stuck in a system that won't allow them to escape.

We try to make their lives a little bit easier. 


The Refugee Relief Project is funded by hundreds of donations from individuals all over the world and brought directly to people that need it. All administrative services are volunteered.

And it's multi-faceted. Here's why. 



The Refugee Relief Project has raised over $25,000. 

On our inaugural trip to Greece we financed a children’s center, two arts centers, a computer lab, purchased a set of musical instruments, supplied equipment for cricket and a refugee soccer team, bought laptops, tablets, kindles, school supplies, shoes, and gave funds to various individuals and families. We got some incredible footage for our documentary and met many heroes along the way.


Refugee is Not My Name

The Film

The film Refugee is Not My Name will document the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe as shown through the eyes of the refugees living within the camps. Using both the volunteers working at the camps, as well as our team behind The Refugee Relief Project, there arises a vehicle to tell those stories.

Our film is in the post-production process. We can't wait to share it with you.