A Show of Power

I don't know how to explain what's going on here. I saw something awful that blew me away today and I heard that in comparison to what has happened here, it's nothing.

This morning I was walking around, meeting, and filming some refugees. When I walked back to the entrance of the camp I saw over 50 policemen in full riot gear. They blocked off the main road and we're going through all of the makeshift shops and restaurants, arresting the owners, and taking away all of their food. We had no idea what was happening, the refugees kept asking us what was going on.

It wasn't until much later that we heard they were doing this because the food wasn't up to "health standards." How do you expect food to be up to health code? These people live in tents, their bathrooms are disgusting portable stalls with no paper, they don't have enough power for refrigerators.

This was not about the health code, this was a show of power. They raided the "kids cafe" where they provide free food and asylum advice for children and unaccompanied minors. They came into our friends' restaurant, "The Welcome Cafe," took down their Afghan flag, and stepped on it.

These people have crossed seas, they've lost friends and family, and they live on nothing because they have no other choice.

What I've realized on this trip is that these are the strongest people I've ever met. I've never had heroes, I haven't had that many people I've looked up to and thought "I want to be like them." But these refugees are my heroes. I can't begin to explain how inspirational they are.

They lose everything they have and they still manage to ask me how I am and offer me a cup of tea. This is more than a refugee crisis, this is a tragedy and we need to do something about it.